Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Journey to recovery.

No matter what part of the body ails you, from your neck and shoulders, to your back or knee, Skyline’s tenacious therapists – including the Gorge’s only sport medicine trained therapist –give you personal care that gets you back in action and back to life. Skyline Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is a hospital-based, outpatient clinic where each of our physical therapists are dedicated to providing a comprehensive session of one-on-one care customized to your individual needs. In addition, our licensed physical therapists are able to provide direct access without requiring a physician’s referral.

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With a certified sports medicine therapist and an orthopedic certified specialist on staff, patients receive the highest quality and comprehensive care. Our therapists have advanced training in the areas of hand therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, aquatic therapy and post-surgical rehabilitation, allowing us to treat a wide variety of diagnoses.

Contact Info: 509.493.5119

Hours: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Monday through Friday

Location:  253 Rhine Village Drive, White Salmon, WA, 98672