Transitional Care

Transitioning your health.

Skyline’s transitional care helps patients make the transition from acute care to the appropriate care setting for rehabilitation. Our transitional care team treats a variety of conditions including but not limited to: stroke, heart disease, joint replacement, respiratory diseases, newly diagnosed diabetics, extended antibiotic therapy and other surgeries.

Skyline services include:

  • Physical therapy to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, motor control, and stability
  • Occupational therapy to improve daily skills such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, as well as cognitive skills to help you return to your daily activities
  • Respiratory therapy provides oxygen therapy for patients and evaluations for in-home oxygen use
  • Skilled nursing services 24 hours a day
  • Wound care consists of treatments and dressing changes for wounds such as surgical incisions, ulcers, and burns
  • A discharge planner works with a patient to ensure a smooth and successful transition back to home

For Medicare Patients

The first 20 days of care are free. Medicare pays 100 percent of the cost of the room, therapies, X-rays, laboratory fees, medications, and physician visits. After the first 20 days, patients can stay up to 100 days with a co-pay (supplemental insurance may cover co-pay).

Who is a transitional care candidate? Patients need a physician’s referral and must have a three-night qualifying stay in a hospital (at Skyline or elsewhere) to be Medicare eligible. Anyone may contact Skyline Health regarding transitional care. Patients currently at another hospital can ask to coordinate a transfer to Skyline.

Contact Info: 360-364-8589