Doctors’ Day

Honor Your Doctor - March 30



At Skyline Health, our doctors and providers are skilled experts and trusted advisers. Their selfless commitment to improving lives in our community is why we are asking you to join us in honoring them.

On March 30, join Skyline Health as we celebrate National Doctors Day. By sending a note of appreciation, you will recognize a remarkable provider by encouraging and supporting their work and furthering their compassionate patient care. Email your message to info@myskylinehealth.orgWe will be sure to pass your appreciate on to your provider!

A donation lets your provider know his or her work is important to you or someone you love. Along with your note, you may consider sharing your gratitude by enclosing a gift in honor of your selected provider. Your note and any donations received will be shared with your honoree on Doctors’ Day.

Your support amplifies the impact our doctors and providers have on our community. Their commitment to a healthier community is evident in every patient they treat and their commitment is strengthen with support from valuable people like you.

Thank you for honoring our providers, showing appreciation, and valuing quality health care.

Skyline Health Providers

 Skyline Medical Clinic

Erica Didier, M.D.

Jenna Newcomb, PA-C

Tyler Mittelstaedt, M.D., M.P.H.

Michael Oschwald, PA-C

Skyline Hospitalists

Chris Faison, M.D.

Brendan Ramey, M.D.

Scott Snedeker, M.D.

Matt Swanson, M.D.


Skyline Emergency Department

Samir Bishai, M.D.

Ryan Burns, PA-C

Jessie Cox, M.D.

Gus Faller, M.D.

Eric Holden, PA-C

Maria Kallman, PA-C

Andy Miller, M.D.

Mahinda Ratnayake, M.D.

Joe Rinella, D.O.

Wyatt Rivas, M.D.

Russell Smith, M.D.

Eric Stround, PA-C


Kaerli Christensen, M.D.