Advancing Rural Surgical Services

Need for New Surgical Capacity in Rural Southwest Washington

Skyline Health strives to meet the needs of our thriving and growing rural community. Demand for many of our services, including Surgery and Outpatient Rehabilitation Services, is straining our older facilities. Growing demand places pressure on an outdated facility design that does not allow us to maximize patient throughput, leading to unfortunate service delays safely. This places an undue financial burden upon patients, forcing them to travel for their procedures, or worse, go without care needed, diminishing their quality of life. The barrier of traveling to access care is very real in rural America.

The most common surgical procedures performed at Skyline reflect the needs and demographics of our rural and aging community: colonoscopy and endoscopy screenings, hernia repair, and gall bladder removal. Increasingly, we are seeing the need for oncologic, breast, abdominal wall, and a wide range of emergency surgeries. Making sure our community can access these services close to home improves recovery outcomes by keeping patients close to their support structures, reduces financial burdens for patients, and allows for continuity of follow-up care following surgery.

Advancing Rural Surgical Services

The Skyline Advancing Rural Surgical Services Project will provide modern surgical support to our community, allowing patients to receive healthcare close to home, enhancing recovery and rehabilitation, and allowing Skyline the facility space to recruit future providers to meet community needs. This project is critical to meeting the healthcare needs of our rural community both today and tomorrow. This project will expand Surgical Services by renovating existing facility space. Once completed, patients will have greater access to surgical procedures within their community.

The project will increase Skyline’s capacity to provide more services to meet current community needs and provide a foundation for delivering new services to our community in the future. A modern Surgical Center at Skyline will allow us to recruit specialists and medical staff needed for our community in the future.

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