Change Healthcare Cyber-Attack FAQs

Skyline Health is committed to keeping our patients up-to-date on important healthcare-related information. To this end, Skyline has developed frequently asked questions about the recent Change Healthcare cyber-attack.

What should I know about Change Healthcare?

Change Healthcare, a healthcare technology company part of Optum and owned by United Health Group was the target of a sophisticated cyberattack the week on February 19. Change/Optum is among the largest and most commonly used healthcare information technology companies in the United States. Almost every healthcare entity in the US does some form of business with Change/Optum, including Skyline Health.

 How was Skyline Health affected by this cyber-attack?

Skyline Health used Change/Optum to process insurance claims. Although we are closely monitoring this situation, early information has been incomplete and not as timely as we would like. Currently, we have no information suggesting personal patient data was compromised. However, this remains a possibility. We will continue to work with industry experts to monitor the situation, take appropriate actions as they become known to us, and communicate with you as needed.

How can I be sure my personal patient information will remain safe and not compromised?

Skyline Health takes our responsibility for your information very seriously. We were not the direct target of the cyberattack and have multiple cybersecurity protections in place, which are routinely tested. Once aware of the Change/Optum cyber-attack, Skyline Health, and other related vendors ceased data transmission to Change/Optum.

As a Skyline Health patient, will I see a difference in how I receive care and information?

Skyline Health has been proactive with the information available, and we have taken steps to limit the impact of this situation on our patients. As of now, we do not see any changes to how you receive care from Skyline Health.

The impact on Skyline temporarily disrupted our ability to process insurance claims and send patient statements. We have since taken steps and are now able to process claims.

Will Skyline Health Continue Using Change Healthcare?

No.  Skyline has discontinued our relationship with Change Healthcare and has initiated a new partnership with an alternative provider of these services.

What if I have questions related to my billing or statements?

Skyline Health’s billing staff is readily available to answer questions related to insurance claims and patient statements during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., by calling 509-493-1101.