Q: Why did Skyline Hospital change its name?
A: Hospital administrators and the board of directors determined a new brand identity would better represent the hospital’s more than 65 years of diversified services, growing population and vision. This name also signifies an important change in our organization’s growth, as we continue to add services. Skyline is more than a hospital as it now offers primary care, behavioral health, community health and wellness, infusion services, 3D mammography, care coordination, as well as a community meeting space.

Q: Has Skyline Hospital merged with or affiliated with another organization?
A: Skyline has not merged with a larger organization and will remain your independent community hospital, govern by an elected board of directors. However, we have a collaborative relationship with other regional health systems to improve and expand the services we offer to our communities.

Q: What does the name represent?
A: SKYLINE HEALTH: “Health” instead of “Hospital” represents our growth and communicates a full-service health care provider. Represents our spectrum of services.

Q: What does the logo represent?
A: “S” & “H”: Becomes initials, an abstract mountain and river, as well as links connecting us with our partners, patients and community. “WHITE SALMON, WASHINGTON”: Exudes local and a sense of community. “NEW COLORS, NEW LOGO”: Reflects positive change. “BOLD FONT, BOLD STROKES, GEOMETRIC ICON”: Shows modern, more current and innovative approach.

Q: Has your website’s URL address changed?
A: Yes. To visit our website, go to

Q: Has your organization’s email addresses changed?
A: Yes. New email addresses have the initial of the employee’s first name followed by the last name followed by Example: Robert Grant’s email would be Although the email addresses are changing to reflect our new name, the old email addresses will still be functional.

Q: What remains unchanged?
A: Skyline’s mission to provide an exception level of health and well-being in our community. In addition, our dedication to providing compassionate high-quality health care to the growing communities we serve.

Q: Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have?
A: For more information, please email your questions to